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Girl in transition
Digital collage / artificial intelligence model

The work is based on the 1665 Vermeer painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring", where the artist uses the unblemished young girl's face as a starting point for an investigation of identities and personality. Using an artificial intelligence algorithm to try out different transitions between the girl from the original painting and a painted portrait of a bearded man, the finished collage work explores facets of gender, identity and vulnerability.

The Essential Unreality
Algorithmically cooporation

This work is an exploration of a possible artistic practice of computer algorithms.   


Several algorithms have cooperated in the process: 


The first algorithm created a series of textual artist statements as a basis for the further process. 


These texts were then interpreted by an artificial intelligence text-to-image algorithm, that created digital paintings based on the text. 


These virtual paintings where then fed into another artificial intelligence algorithm, that analyzed the images, looking for statistical similarities and logic in the images. As a result, it could create its own rules for how to make such paintings, and then create a video using the discovered mathematics. 


After that, another algorithm tries to read aloud the written text from the original generated artist statement, using a synthesized human voice. 


Yet another algorithm listens to this sound, to create subtitles for the video. 


In all these steps, misunderstandings appear. 


Finally, all these elements are put together as this video work.

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