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Lone Koefoed




Ph.D. and Associate Professor in Digital Design and Aesthetics, Aarhus University 

Ph.d., Inst. for Æstetiske Fag, Aarhus Universitet, ”re:configuring interface
culture – digital aesthetics in the age of pervasive computing” (2008) Cand.mag, multimedier, Aarhus Universitet (2003)

Research profile
My research lies within digital technology studies, biased by aesthetics and the arts; it is inter-disciplinary combining design, cultural studies, arts, and technology with theory and methods found in critical computing, co-design, and feminist theory.


Through this interdisciplinary research and with a solid foundation in design and arts, I investigate how IT, design, and socio-cultural contexts affect our everyday and in turn how this affects ways that digital technologies might change society and everyday situations. A key point is to think of design and designing as something through which we might think of critical alternatives to the way we live, love, and think.

Mark Tholander



Visual artist
Born 1988
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus (2014-19)


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (exchange), Copenhagen (2018)

Inter Arts Center (Internship), Malmö, Sweden (2017)

Imperial Academy of Arts. St. Petersburg, Russia (2011)

Latest exhibitions (selected)
Gravmonumenter, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark.

The Drums, Online exhibition, DobbeltDagger, Online.

Default Cube (a part of the exhibition Monstersuppe at KØS Museum for kunst i det offentlige rum), Online.

Represented at Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Art, Copenhagen)

Member of Kunstnersamfundet.



Visual artist
Born 1973
Lives and works in Aarhus

Latest exhibitions (selected)
Fermenting Data. Workshop. Transmediale festival, Berlin

Fermenting Data. Group show. Andro-meda8220 and Spanien19C, Aarhus, DK

Electronic Literature Organization, conference and festival 2021, Aarhus. Online performance

Processing Community Day 2021 @Aarhus. Seminar.

Collaboration: Code&Share[ ] community, Aarhus University & DOKK1.

Sammenstød 2021. Group show. Ringsted Galleriet

Founder of !=null, a public forum for artists, researchers, developers and hackers using contemporary tech-nology for creative expression and aesthetic inquiry 2017.

Founder and editor of ‡ Dobbelt-Dagger, an art publication, distributed by web, printed on paper, made by artists working with contemporary tech 2016.

Co-founder and editor at * [Asterisk], 2002 - 2012.

Member of Kunstnersamfundet.

Task of the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee, appointed by KP's board, selects the works for KP22-digital on the basis of the submitted digital files + possibly project descriptions or statements of artistic intentions, if provided by the submitter.

During the evaluation, the Selection Committee gets no further information about the submitter than journal number and, if applicable, the name by reasoned request.


Artistic criteria only
The Selection Committee select the works solely on the basis of artistic criteria. All other criteria are irrelevant to selection.
The whole Selection Committee evaluate all the submitted works.


Selection procedure
The Selection Committee members are given three days for a preparatory review, after which they meet in Kunsthal Aarhus for the decisive selection, which takes place over three rounds.
1st round:
All material is evaluated. If there is one committee member that wants to review one or more of the artist's submitted works, then ALL of that artist's works continues to the second round.

2nd round:
Individual works can be selected. If there are at least two committee members who want to review one or more of the artist's works, then these specific works continue to the third round.

3rd round:
Finally and decisively - here the works are selected for KP. There must be at least two committee members (simple majority) for a work to be accepted.

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