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Camilla Fredin


B .1989, Visby, Sweden


Camilla Fredin is based in Gothenburg where she is studying her final year in the MFA program in photography at Hdk-Valand. In her art the concepts of shame, beauty and self-realization are central and she works from a feministic perspective. The aim of Fredin's art is to question the demands that the individual is expected to achieve. She is inspired by the imagery and the language of the mass media and is driven by deconstructing them. To visualize the absurdity behind imposed norms, Fredin uses everyday objects, food, her own body and experiences of eating disorder, fluids, irony, scanners, projectors and "borrowed" images and words from the web. Her work is mostly presented through installation works where the moving image and sculpture are in focus.


”I visualize something that can mimic the feeling of loss of control. With my art I will create ambivalence, as I see it as a feeling that not only brings concern, but also curiosity to examine oneself”.


Instagram: @camilla.galleria 

For KP22-digital Fredin exhibits:

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